Product Details

Product *NEW* (SysCOR 40) Systems CORrelation 40 Control Kit

Product No 0065-40

Size 40 x 1.0 mL vials

*NEW* (SysCOR 40) Systems CORrelation 40 Control Kit

Correlate your instruments. The SysCOR 40 Control Kit is a convenience kit that contains 20 different normal plasmas and 20 different abnormal plasmas.  Data sheet is included with each shipment listing assigned values for PT, PTT and Fibrinogen.


Primary advantages of the SysCOR 40 Control Kit:

  • Ready to use — No reconstitution, no buffers or preservatives
  • Identical lots available
  • Ideal for integrated health networks

Important Note:

Using the SysCOR 40 Control Kit, a convenience kit in conjunction with the CORE Kit, a convenience kit, provides laboratories with an extensive set of normal and abnormal plasmas to perform complete lot conversions in one laboratory or between multiple laboratories.


*For sale in the USA only