Fresh Frozen Plasma vs Lyophilized: What should your lab use?

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Coagulation laboratories have a variety of choices for reagents.  What are the differences and why are they important? Fresh frozen reagents are collected from the donor and frozen immediately.  After thawing, they require no preparation, thaw and go. Lyophilization is the process of freeze drying a reagent to remove the liquid component. The process leaves   …Continue Reading

FVIII Activity: Chromogenic Assay Vs. Clot-Based?

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Factor VIII activity can be measured in different ways. Two of the assays used to assess the Factor VIII activity are the one-stage clotting assay and the chromogenic assay. The one-stage clotting assay is still the most widely used. The one stage clotting assay measures the extent a plasma sample corrects the coagulation time of   …Continue Reading

Plasma Donation Opportunity

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Do you have a coagulation deficiency or rare bleeding disorder? Do you need extra cash? Qualified patients may benefit from plasma donation through George King Bio-Medical’s donor program. Physicians, medical technologists, and most importantly, patients rely on accurate laboratory results. Despite industry’s best efforts to create synthetic material, the ideal source for coagulation factor deficient   …Continue Reading