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Do you want to participate in research?  Would you like to know you’re helping others receive a proper diagnosis for their bleeding disorder? Become part of the solution.  Contact us to see if you qualify for our plasma donation program. 

If you have a severe bleeding disorder or lupus anticoagulant and need extra money, our plasma donation program might be for you!  In most cases, it’s safe for people with bleeding or clotting disorders to donate plasma.  We have measures in place to assure your safety! 

Your plasma will be used in laboratories worldwide. Without your plasma, research is in jeopardy.


  1. Are you Severe <1%? (For Bleeding Disorders)  Are you on CoumadinⓇ or do you have Lupus Anticoagulant?
  2. Are you over 110 pounds?
  3. Do you want to help other receive a diagnosis?  How about help further research?
  4. Contact us!

Contact us for further information about our donor program.


Is donating plasma safe when you have a severe bleeding disorder?  In most cases, the answer is yes!  Plasma fully regenerates in the body within 48 hours.  When you have a bleeding disorder, you should not donate in most plasma centers. There are, however, a few centers located in the United States who have a special Source Plasma License specifically for people with severe bleeding disorders.  These centers had to go through many processes to obtain their licensing through the FDA. 

Laboratories, research facilities, pharmaceuticals, and most importantly patients rely on accurate lab results for effective treatment.  Many lab tests require plasma for testing.  Despite industry’s best efforts to create synthetic material, the ideal source is plasma from patients with a congenital severe factor deficiency.  Due to increasing demands for laboratory testing, the need for plasma-based laboratory reagents continues to rise.

This is where George King Bio-Medical, Inc. will partner with you! We are growing our plasma donation base for our 50th banner year!  We’re currently adding FV, FVII, FVIII, FIX, FX, FXI, FXII, FXIII and all typed of Von Willebrand’s Disease. To be considered, a person must be severe, <1% activity level. 


What do our donors say?

  • “I have been a donor with George King Bio- Medical, Inc since 2019. My experience as a donor has been awesome! In fact, it makes me feel good to know that there are more ways for me to help and support the bleeding disorders community. Honestly, I consider it an honor to donate my plasma for researchers to develop new diagnosing technology and potentially new treatments for my specific bleeding disorder. Additionally, I have developed a close relationship with the staff and consider them a part of my family. Thus, if you are able and willing to donate – you should definitely consider donating with George King Bio-Medical, Inc. I promise you, they will treat you and love you just like family.”
  • “Being a donor for George King Bio-Medical, Inc has been a very good experience. The people at the company are irreplaceable, making the travel plans, clinic scheduling, and timely payments seamless. Most importantly, they genuinely care for their donors and reach out in meaningful ways to assure that their donors are well looked after and that donors’ health is the company’s primary concern. Whether it is staying in first-rate hotels, eating exceptional post-draw lunches, flying on the flights that best fit your schedule, or getting to and from the draw centers comfortably, the people at George King go the distance to make the donor experience the best it can be. The donors are also compensated well. The money I have received for donating over the years has enabled me to save for rainy days and even take a few great vacations. What are you waiting for? Contact them today for more info.”
  • “I’ve donated for George King Bio-Medical, Inc. for several years. They are a wonderful company to work with. George King Bio-Medical, Inc. sets up my donation trips & I don’t have to worry about anything. George King Bio-Medical, Inc. covers the cost of my travel, meals, and lodging, and also reimburses me for my plasma. All I have to do is show up for a couple hours to complete the donation process. The financial compensation is great and allows me to finance trips & home repairs that otherwise I would not have been able to afford. It is nice to feel that I am helping other people who may have issues like me.”
  • “George King Bio-Medical, Inc. has been great to work with. On top of the excellent service, they are a huge part of the reason I’ve been able to continue my education. I cannot praise them enough.”
  • “I appreciate George King Bio-medical and their wonderful staff so much for what they are doing to advance medical research, and for giving me the opportunity to contribute my small part towards those advancements. My motivation to donate is to help others, but the money is nice too, and has made it possible for me to provide extras for my kids and family that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Donating plasma will be a lifelong activity for me with George King!”