George King Bio-Medical, Inc. and NBDF History

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Last summer, we were visited by the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation. They are celebrating 75 years the same year we are celebrating our 50th! Since our beloved founder, George King, was a 2 term president, the NHF (now NBDF) wanted to make sure our company was included not only on their 75 year timeline, but also in a video.

In the mid 1950’s, George J. King was very active in civic affairs and was asked to serve on the local Hemophilia Foundation board in Rochester, New York. Throughout his multiple terms as president with the National Hemophilia Foundation (now National Bleeding Disorders Foundation), he had a vision of how he could help and serve people with bleeding disorders. He knew that people with bleeding disorders had very large financial needs for treatment. He also saw the need for further research in the field of bleeding disorders. His vision was to bring these 2 needs together to help each other. He created George King Bio-Medical Inc. with this vision in mind. He opened George King Bio-Medical, Inc. in 1973 in Salem, New Hampshire.

Today, George King’s vision continues, keeping his company goals alive while we proudly celebrate our 50th year in business!