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Product Pooled Normal Plasma

Product No 0010-0

Size 0.5 mL vials

Product No 0010-1

Size 1.0 mL vials

Product No 0010-1.5

Size 1.5 mL vials

Product No 0010-5

Size 5.0 mL vials

Product No 0010-0025-pk

Size 25 x 1.0 mL box mL vials

Product No 0010-0050-pk

Size 50 x 1.0 mL box

Product No 0010-0100-pk

Size 100 x 1.0 mL box

Custom sizes available upon request

Pooled Normal Plasma

Normal Factor Activity

Pooled Normal Plasma (PNP) contains citrated plasma from 30 or more carefully screened normal human donors. Our PNP is platelet poor with no buffers or preservatives making it most like your patient plasma. An approximately equal number of male and female donors are included. A Certificate of Analysis (CofA) accompanies each shipment of PNP. This lot specific CofA certifies the normalcy of this plasma satisfying regulatory guidelines. Assay values are assigned and reported on the CofA for Prothrombin Time (PT) and activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT). Fibrinogen and Factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII are assayed and certified to be within the normal range.



  • Mixing studies
  • Control for coagulation factor assays
  • Control for specialty coagulation/thrombosis testing
  • Negative control for lupus anticoagulant testing
  • Base plasma for preparing heparin spiked samples

Primary advantages of PNP:

  • Most like patient plasma
  • Ready to use — No reconstitution
  • No buffers or preservatives
  • Certified Normal

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