Product Details

Product B-FACT – Borderline Factor Assay Control Plasma

Product No 0040-1

Size 1.0 mL vials

Product No 0040-0

Size 0.5 mL vials

B-FACT – Borderline Factor Assay Control Plasma

B-FACT is a borderline factor assay control designed to assess the sensitivity of the mid range section of the standard curve. Lot specific assigned assay values for a wide variety of tests are included with each shipment. Published assay values include PT, APTT, Fibrinogen (Clauss), Factors II, V, VII, VIII, Chromogenic VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, ATIII Activity, vWF:Antigen, vWF:Activity, Protein C Antigen, Protein C Functional, Protein S Functional, Protein S Antigen and Plasminogen. No prepackaged amounts, order what you need!

Uses for B-FACT:

  • Mid range borderline coagulation factor assay control
  • Mid range borderline control for coagulation/thrombosis specialty assays

Primary advantages of B-FACT:

  • Most like patient plasma
  • Ready to use — No reconstitution
  • No buffers or preservatives
  • Comprehensive coagulation/thrombosis control