Product Details

Product FACT – Factor Assay Control Plasma

Product No 0020-1

Size 1.0 mL vials

Product No 0020-0

Size 0.5 mL vials

Custom sizes available upon request

FACT – Factor Assay Control Plasma

FACT is Pooled Normal Plasma with assigned assay values for a wide variety of tests. This product includes plasma from 30 or more carefully screened normal human donors. An approximately equal number of male and female donors are included. Values are published for PT, aPTT, Thrombin Time, Fibrinogen (Clauss), Factors II, V, VII, VIII, Chromogenic FVIII, IX, X, XI, XII, ATIII Activity, vWF Antigen, vWF Activity, Protein C Antigen, Protein C Functional, Protein S Functional, Protein S Antigen and Plasminogen. No prepackaged amounts, order what you need!

Uses for FACT:

  • Standard/Calibrator for coagulation factor assays
  • Assayed control for coagulation factor assays
  • Assayed control for coagulation/thrombosis specialty assays
  • Mixing studies
  • Negative control for lupus anticoagulant testing
  • Base plasma for preparing heparin spiked samples

Primary advantages of FACT:

  • Most like patient plasma
  • Ready to use — No reconstitution
  • No buffers or preservatives
  • Comprehensive coagulation/thrombosis control

Important Note:

Using FACT with B-FACT (Borderline Factor Assay Control) and A-FACT (Abnormal Factor Assay Control) provides effective monitoring of all three sections of the factor assay standard curve.

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