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Factor Sensitivities – What’s the value, anyway? [Pun intended]

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Currently the global test used to detect intrinsic factor deficiencies in patients with bleeding is the activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT). The APTT reagent used should be sensitive to a reduction in coagulation factors such as FVIII and FIX that are commonly associated with bleeding. Literature states that it is desirable to have APTT systems   …Continue Reading

Congenital Factor Deficient Plasma vs. Immunodepleted Factor VIII Deficient Plasma

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Using Factor VIII Deficient Plasma from a human donor with a congenital deficiency is preferred to using an artificial immunodepleted Factor VIII substrate. There are several aspects that make congenital factor deficient plasma preferable to immunodepleted. The immunodepletion process During the immunodepletion process, not only is the Factor VIII removed, but the vonWillebrand factor is   …Continue Reading