Product Details

Product Abnormal CORrelation Control Kit (AbCOR)

Product No 0085-10

Size 10 x 1.5 mL Vials mL vials

Product No 0085-20

Size 20 x 1.5 mL Vials mL vials

Abnormal CORrelation Control Kit (AbCOR)

The AbCOR Kit is a convenience kit containing a variety of abnormal plasma controls to assist with instrument correlations and reagent crossover studies.

Uses for the AbCOR Control Kit are:

  • Correlate values between multiple instruments in same location
  • Correlate values between multiple instruments in multiple locations
  • Correlate values on new instrument with current instrument
  • Correlate values using new reagent with current reagent

Primary advantages of the AbCOR Control Kit:

  • Choice of 10 or 20 plasma samples with PT, PTT and Fibrinogen test values
  • Convenience-Plasmas collected, tested and pre-packaged
  • Ready to use–No recostitution
  • No buffers or preservatives
  • Identical lots available
  • Ideal for integrated health networks

Important Note:

Using the AbCOR Control Kit in conjunction with the CORE Kit provides laboratories with an extensive set of normal and abnormal plasmas to perform complete lot conversions in one laboratory or between a number of laboratories.